2017 Student Work

Before-Class Learning or Flipped Learning

Students are required to preview materials and complete flipped learning components before class on a daily basis. All preview materials and links, including flipped videos (Playposit), lesson-based Quizlet learning sets, study guides, and video/sound recordings, are posted on Canvas, the Learning Management System (LMS) of the program.

During the Synchronous Class Session

Every day, students will split off into WIZIQ virtual classrooms to work with their respective instructors. Expectations for the online class is similar to that expected in face-to-face classes. As it is an immersive language environment, we require each student to only speak in Mandarin Chinese during the hour-long class. 

After-Class Asynchronous Learning

Students are required to review daily learning materials after the one-hour synchronous class and complete after-class assignments at a convenient time and place. Students can find daily after-class assignments on Group Board from Canvas. After-class review components include the following:
1. Group Board discussion.
2. After-class review assignments, including 1) an oral task and a writing task to connect you with real-world experiences, and 2) PaGamo, an interactive online game. 

Group Board

Group Board serves as a direct communicative platform between students and the instructor(s) in order to create an online community. It was built in Canvas and is very user-friendly. Students will use both English and Chinese to communicate in Group Board. As a common practice, students will check the Group Board every day for updates on the class and reminders for pre-class preparation and/or after-class assignments posted by teachers. Students will normally see relevant daily information uploaded to Group Board by teachers, and use the platform as follows:
1. Check daily speaking and writing assignments on Group Board.
2. Play PaGamO to help review daily learning.
3. Preview next day’s learning materials, which includes pre-class flipped videos, conversation recordings, study guides, and Quizlet.


PaGamO is an online social game. Its unique learning design encourages virtual study of Chinese by having compete in game-based activities, such as classic board games like “Risk” and “Settlers of Catan.” The game encourages players to build your own kingdom of knowledge, wealth, and land by answering questions and solving quizzes. For one of the after-class assignments, students play PaGamO to review/practice daily learning.