2018 Teachers


Iho Cheng

This is my first Startalk, a program challenges me to Think different.  Theories must be backed by practice and practice must be organized by theories.  Never had I attended a training where I learned about theories and put them to practice at the same time.  I had the privilege of working with... Read More


Ying Feng

Without a doubt,attending 2018 UVa Startalk Program has a giant effect on my view of language teaching. I think it is attributed to the fact the program not only sought to solidly bridge second language acquisition principles and
theories to real online classroom practice but also to... Read More


Wenjing Huang

Summer 2018 will be a special memory due to this UVa STARTALK teacher program. Thanks to all the lead teachers who created the wonderful opportunities for us to learn Zoom and Nearpod and utilize them to teach the UVa STARTALK students online.  It is so grateful and lucky to work with the rest... Read More


Hongying Jia

I am very grateful to anticipate the UVA Star Talk Chinese program in 2018 summer. This is my first chance to join the Start Talk program. It is not only totally fulfill my goals but also exceeded what I expected. I not only improved the new teaching theory and teaching method but also it... Read More


Ying Ma

This is my first time to attend UVA STARTALK Program. This learning opportunity seems like a wonderful present for me since I just graduated from university. These five weeks literally taught me many useful and effective teaching methods and principles. From basic teaching theories to practical... Read More


Xiaojin Moore

I am deeply inspired and moved by how well the program was designed and executed. I love the balance of theory and practice in this program. The amount of practice is sufficient for me to be able to solidify the best practices that I learned. I love the people of the program the most! It brings... Read More


Xue Song

It was such a surprise that I am part of the 2018 UVa STARTALK Program. It is the program that changes my point of view about teaching. Influenced by Tseng laoshi, Zhong laoshi, Cai laoshi and all my peer teachers, I started to think about teaching in terms of effectiveness and authenticity. I... Read More


Shujun Xiang

The situations on the campus of 2018 Vua STARTALK  and at the hotel of Graduate Charlottesville have been full of memories as remembrance. The four episodes always flash back on my mind as the followings:

1. Vigorous and efficient teamwork  impressed me with expertise and mutual trust.... Read More


Peng Yu

I was very grateful that I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 UVa STARTALK teachers’ academy. Three years ago I attended this program. I was trained to teach face-to-face class effectively. This summer I returned to UVa to learn how to teach online class interactively. Again, UVa’s STARTALK... Read More


Xiaojing Zhang

I’m very happy I have learned a lot in the 2108 UVa STARTALK Program. It’s important that the whole big group collaborated, discussed and prepared for opening ceremony and end ceremony, online teaching and assessments. Tseng Laoshi gave us brief and clear lectures. Gao Laoshi gave me strong... Read More


Lin Zhao

It has been my goal to participate in this Startalk these years. All in all, I really enjoyed this well-structured journey piloted by Tseng Laoshi, regarding our group lesson planning, learning from the lead teachers and colleagues, virtual F2F lecturing, growing from my mistakes, transitioning... Read More