2021 Teachers

Pei-Chi Chuang

It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of UVA Startalk this year. From the very beginning, during the application process even, my expectation was that this particular program would be both very competitive (to get accepted) but also very rewarding. I am happy to say that, at its... Read More

Pei-Ying Gosselin

I sincerely thank Dr. Tseng and her team for this incredible professional development opportunity. This was my first time participating in a StarTalk program and I cannot overstate how much that I have learned from this opportunity. With this training, I am now able to find authentic materials,... Read More

Shi Jiang

What a rewarding and inspirational experience! It has been my honor to participate in the UVa StarTalk program. After three weeks’ intensive training with the mentors (huge thanks to Dr. Tseng, Dr. Geng, Dr. Gao, and Ms. Cai) and working with the other 11 excellent teachers from all over the... Read More

Hong Li

My UVA Startalk 2021 journey is truly rewarding.  The following 1234 are the highlights of what I gained. 1) One center: student-centered instruction; 2) Two golden principles: flooded comprehensive input and pushed productive output; 3) Three skills: interpretive, interpersonal, and... Read More

Yan Liang

Learning happens in grappling with the content, the questions which are going to arise, identifying the confusions, what is difficult, what is the complex here, sometimes the learning is in the conversation. This UVA StarTalk teacher’s academy provides tons of opportunities for these learnings... Read More

Hwai Lin

UVA Startalk program is such a rewarding PD experience. We do not just learn the theories but also get to apply and gain feedback to refine our skills and sharpen our teaching perspective. I truly appreciate our lead teachers’ clear guidance and the fellow teachers’ generous sharing. I've... Read More

Daphne Monroy

I have participated in several STARTALK Teacher Programs in the past. Every STARTALK Program planted a seed in my teaching career. I always love what Steve Jobs once said, “you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to... Read More

Huike Wen

It was great to prepare the class with two very experienced Chinese language teachers and guided by a very productive and supportive team. The teaching was enjoyable because of the excellent materials.
I wish I could do a better job than I did in the demo but honestly it was a good class... Read More

Xuan Weng

UVA STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy Program is an “Amazing” teacher training program. It not only provides theoretical knowledge of why we do it, but also the pedagogical practice of how we do it. 
The learning journal is so unique, including pre-program warmup, asynchronous &... Read More

Junyao Wu

UVA STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy is truly an amazing program for Chinese teachers in the states. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this program, work and connect with the BEST Chinese teachers across the states. We collaborate closely to tackle some real classroom... Read More

Li Xiang

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn and work with a group of colleagues in the 2021 UVA STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy. I have learned a variety of effective interactive teaching strategies and online tools, and have incorporated them in both online and in-person teaching... Read More

Lin Zhu

Authenticity has always been a keyword in my instruction prior to attending UVA Startalk Academy. However, not until I went through the whole workshop, did I realize that how restricted my understanding of authenticity is. This program’s training has provided me with the opportunity to reflect... Read More