Jane-Na Chang

"I attended my very first STARTALK program in 2010 and I have heard a lot about the STARTALK at UVa since then. The STARTALK at UVa is well known for its rigorous program and excellent coordination.  Yes, it truly is with its own strengths to make it so unique and stand out among all STARTALK... Read More

Rebecca Chang

"On July 4, after dropping off two of my classmates at Charlottesville’s train station, I started to drive home. It was a beautiful day. As I drove, I reflected on the wonderful and productive three weeks I had just spent learning at the University of Virginia’s StarTalk Chinese Teacher Academy... Read More

Hui Chen

"I am so grateful for being able to participate in the 2014 Startalk Chinese Teacher Academy at University of Virginia. This professional development program was one of the best I have had. The way Professor Tseng delivered content and materials was communication-oriented, task-based, and... Read More

Jan Du

"I very much appreciate that the Virginia STARTALK Chinese teacher Academy has provided me this great opportunity of being part of this program. I consider the past three weeks of intensive training, the most rewarding professional development experience ever. I have learned so much from Dr.... Read More

Xinying Gao

"I feel that I learn a lot from this program and it is so necessary for me in the period of my teaching career. Dr. Tseng is a perfect professor and I feel so lucky to participate in the UVA STARTALK in this summer vacation."


"I feel that I learn a... Read More

Mei Hu

"The three weeks’ STARTALK teacher program at University of Virginia was wonderful training for my 2014 summer. I enjoyed the discussion with teachers from different states, the inspiring questions from instructor and teachers, the friendly and productive sharing time with teachers, the... Read More

Xiwen Li

"June 16 to July 4, I have participated in STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy ran by University of Virginia, and I was so lucky to get the chance to be trained in this program! It was three very intensive weeks, but the best three weeks of professional development! I have learned so much from Dr.... Read More

Grace Paul

"As I looked back of the days that I studied at UVa STAR TALK program I could only say that every day I was here was so blessed with the opportunity to learn, to reflect, to interact with many fellow teachers who were also eager to lean.  The best of these blessings was to be able to learn from... Read More

Xingxing Song

"It was my honor to have the chance to attend UVA StarTalk program. I feel I was very lucky to have many opportunities to work with master teachers, teacher folks and have Dr. Tseng pointing out my teaching errors. I really enjoy every day at UVA."


"... Read More

Ru-Min Wang

"From all the previous training I have attended and personal experience, I know total immersion and authentic materials are effective ways to teach a second language. I have tried to use 100% target language in the classroom, but was unsuccessful. I am so grateful that Dr. Tseng showed me the... Read More

Fang-Yi Wu

"The 2014 Virginia STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy has provided me with professional development of teaching strategies, curriculum design, and performance-based assessment successfully. This program gave me a chance to further examine my own teaching philosophy and instruction through a series... Read More

Huayi Zhang

"It has been a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to study in the UVA program."


"It has been a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to study in the UVA program.

I reviewed national standards-“5C”, three communicative modes... Read More