Li Chen

"The three-week UVa Startalk Chinese teacher academy has been my best three weeks in the US so far ... Rarely have I seen such a well-organized and implemented course."


The three-week UVA STARTALK Chinese teacher academy has been my best three... Read More

Li Chen

The three-week UVA STARTALK Chinese teacher academy has been my best three weeks in the States so far. It was very intense. It requires all the teachers to study hard and work hard. Most teachers participated in late night studying or group discussions in the hotel lobby. We learned the latest... Read More


Li-Ling Cheng

"I appreciate the genuine support and individualized attention the program consistently gave to each participant...What I have learned from this program will definitely reshape how I approach language teaching... I hope to be able to come back again!"

For teacher participant's teaching... Read More

Hou-Dan Chin

I have some thoughts on the following topics:

• Total Chinese Immersion: before my practicum, I was not sure if the “all Chinese immersion method” was feasible even though Dr. Tseng has clearly set the guideline. After the practicum, I strongly believe that the “all Chinese immersion... Read More

Yuk-King Chung

I joined the STARTALK program right after completing my first year teaching Chinese in three middle schools. I was very excited and grateful for having this opportunity to be trained as a Chinese teacher. Learning how to teach Chinese in the target language and also exploring SLA theories and... Read More

Xiaoli Doty

I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in the 2011 STARTALK Virginia Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language program. I learned a lot from this program.

Dr. Miao-fen Tseng is a wonderful teacher, she provided a very encourage learning environment for us to grow day by day. She... Read More

Lin Guo

I have learned a lot in this 100% immersion program. It is amazing to see the increase in students’ language output from novice low to novice high in a mere 24 hour immersion program (3 hours a day, 5 days a week). At the beginning of STARTALK, I doubted whether the students would be able to... Read More

Yunghung Sandra Hsiao

Life-long learning is always my goal. I believe that continued learning is the key to become a successful teacher. Therefore, I devoted three weeks of my summer time to the University of Virginia (UVa) for professional development.

Before I attended the program at UVa, I’d heard that its... Read More

Kuanhui Hsu

Before and After

I continue to increase my competence and update my creativeness by attending seminars, workshops, and technology trainings to support my passion and commitment to educating students. I had attended three other Startalk teacher training programs before coming to the 2011... Read More

Ya-Ching Hsu-Kelkis

I really appreciated having the opportunity to participate in this year’s three week UVA STARTALK program. This opportunity not only has encouraged and strengthened me to be an excellent Chinese language teacher but also has given me opportunities to make new friends. Meeting new friends and... Read More

Alice Lin

Before I went to Virginia for the 2011Virginia STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy, I thought that I was a good teacher because my principal and students told me so. However, during the training, I realized that I actually have a lot of room to improve and become a better teacher. The most... Read More

Hui Mao

UVA STARTALK is a wonderful program. This summer Dr. Tseng, Ming Laoshi and Shi Laoshi did an amazing job helping me become a better Chinese teacher. I liked the teaching practicums because I made progress teaching and designing more interesting activities. But there are still things I need to... Read More

Kuanchen Pearson

I enjoyed being a student again in the 2011 Virginia STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy at the University of Virginia after finishing my third year of teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at Fairview Elementary, Fairfax County. It has been really interesting going back to the academic world and... Read More

Yunmei Reeder

Before this training did I believe that, hypothetically, “one can teach novice students to speak Mandarin after just 20+ hours of instruction”? I did, but not without doubts. Now that the practicum is over; yes, I do believe it’s attainable and am not skeptical anymore. And the best part of the... Read More

Xiaohong Xu

The 3-week UVa STARTALK program was not just a highly productive and organized teacher-training program, I truly enjoyed interacting with all people there - each family member (including teachers, guest speakers, assistants, peers, and students) was so unique, sincere, talented, vivid, warm and... Read More

Yuqing Yao

The first week was tough for me since we had a lot of theory, reading, and reflection.  The second week was tougher for me since I had to let go of what I have done in the past years in the classroom, and be ready to adopt and accept new best practices in my teaching. I was lucky since I had... Read More