Maan Broadstock

"This is the first time I have attended a Startalk Program, and I am so happy to be part of this great team... VSCTA not only helped me to understand the theories of second language acquisition, but through practicum I was able to apply the theories to real-world teaching and identify the blind... Read More


Amy C. Chen

"After three weeks of teaching practicum, I realized just how many things I have learned from Dr. Tseng and the other participants of this program. In addition, I could really make use of all what I’ve learned from this program and modified what I’ve done in my class before. The learning results... Read More

Nai-I Hu Finney

"I learned a lot from other teachers during collaboration. We helped each other to be better teachers, and through the process, we became closer and learned to work as a team!"


This program allowed me to apply effective teaching methods in a... Read More

Grace Hou

"After three weeks of intensive training, I have learned advanced Chinese teaching approaches from Dr.Tseng and have discovered how to apply them to real classroom teaching through practicum... I consider the Startalk program not only an opportunity to explore the newest instructional strategies... Read More

Jessica Hung

"The 2012 Virginia StarTalk Chinese Teacher Academy will be a precious memory for me... I feel I have a clearer vision of how I will work to improve the proficiency level of my students—by creating task-based curricula with authentic materials, so students are exposed to simulated real-life... Read More

Annie C. Ku

"I have benefited enormously from Dr.Tseng’s top-notch knowledge, and I fully enjoyed working with its staff and other skillful scholars. Through recorded teaching practicum, self-reflections, and group critique sessions, my strengths have been reinforced, and my weaknesses received valuable... Read More

Hong Li

"My experience at Startalk was definitely inspiring, challenging, and rewarding. It was such a wonderful opportunity to keep abreast of the new developments, pedagogy, and practice in the acquisition of Chinese as a second language... I am excited to apply these theories and strategies into my... Read More

Lei Liang

Once upon a time, it was believed that there was such a piece of treasure called “The Scroll Of Language Teaching”, whose owner would be bestowed the magical power of teaching a foreign language with greater efficiency. This summer, I, together with thirteen other very fortunate teachers from... Read More

Rachel Yu Liu

"The UVa STARTALK program has provided me with useful teaching skills and invaluable hands-on practices... The trainings were very practical and structured. I would never have imagined that a teacher-training program would actually be so fun too! I really enjoyed being in this program."

Wenyen Tung

"The most valuable aspect of the STARTALK program is that I have had the opportunity to observe teaching demonstrations from other experienced teachers and hands-on practices... STARTALK gave me support in the form of Dr. Tseng and all veteran teachers who pinpointed where I needed to grow and... Read More

Tiantian Wang

"I feel very lucky that I participated in this three-week Startalk program. Dr. Tseng was very helpful and provided me many useful suggestions... I learned more about how to implement communicative tasks, use authentic material and create a student-centered language class... This program is very... Read More

Xuan Wang

This is a perfect place to grow professionally and personally for a language teacher. We were introduced to the innovative approaches in foreign language education. We learned by doing. We were encouraged to share and collaborate extensively with our co-workers, and we were challenged to teach... Read More


Wei Yao

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the 2012 UVa StarTalk teacher training program. It was three very intensive weeks indeed, but THE best three weeks of professional development! I have learned so much from Dr. Tseng, especially how to select and modify authentic... Read More

Yu Ting Yeh

I learned so much that it was as if I'd feasted at a bountiful buffet! After the intense training with all the outgoing teachers in this program, I was not only equipped with a useful and correct evaluation system to enrich my teaching efficiency but also a serious attitude toward... Read More