2019 Teachers

Jing Dai

What a rewarding and inspirational program. After five weeks’ academic, practical, innovative, incentive and intensive training, I feel I improved a lot not only in my teaching skills, but also in my mindset. It helped me become a more knowledgeable and skilled language teacher. Because this... Read More

Xiaoyuan Deng

It is my honor to attend the awesome UVA startalk program in 2019, and I spent a pleasant and productive summer. Previously I went to other startalk programs in New Jersey and Connecticut, but the one at UVA is the most intensive, special and meaningful one. Before I came to the program, I think... Read More

Yifen Hsia

Jing Huang

2019 UVa STARTALK Chinese Teacher Program has been a true learning journey for me professionally and socially. During this 5 weeks’ training, I built close connections with my students and shared my personal interests and goals with them. We communicated using target language at all time and... Read More

Lily Kuo

I have been always wanted to learn more about blended and online teaching. My experience for online teaching is limited to Adobe Connect Meeting while teaching at John Hopkins Talented Youth Program or asynchronous teaching. UVa Startalk teacher training program not only broaden my perspectives... Read More

Yan Liang

Words cannot express how much gratitude I hold for all the staff and trainers in this summer program. This training helps shape my understanding of Chinese teaching and redirect me to the right track by applying communicative language teaching method. I have learned correct teaching philosophy,... Read More

Shuaiyu Shen

I had learned so much for 2019 UVA STARTALK program. This is a rewarding and unique program. I didn’t have any High school teaching experience before I went for this 5 weeks training. But I feel very comfortable teaching high school students after this program. I learned not only from Cai laoshi... Read More

Chunmeng Wang

UVA STARTALK has taught me so much in the past few weeks. It creates a unique opportunity for me to learn from Dr. Tseng, Dr. Gao, Ms. Lin and Ms. Cai, and to work with elite teachers from all over the U.S. Although we were trained to practice teaching in the 10-day virtual face-to-face... Read More

Yifan Xu

I have learned so much from the program in all aspects, from practicing the innovative virtual online teaching model to cultivating appreciative mindset as an educator. It was extremely helpful to go through the learning materials with the master teacher multiple times. It was also a great joy... Read More

Hsienyu Yu

I cannot say thank you enough for this awesome UVA Startalk program. This program opens my horizon on Chinese teaching. It is not only providing superior quality of instructions, but also helping me to find the balance of life. Dr. Tseng and 3 lead teachers guided me every step of the way and... Read More

Wei Zhang

It has been a great honor to get admitted to such an awesome program which includes both teacher and student program. How time flies! I still have a fresh memory of how excited when I am booking the tickets and getting myself prepared for this trip. It has been an amazing experience in many ways... Read More