Amy Chang

Amy Chang

It was a pleasure to be part of 2017 UVa STARTALK Program. Though the program was quite intense, every minute was well invested. It was definitely a “no pain, no gain” journey. I felt very privileged to work closely with a group of highly motivated teachers who share the same passion with me -... Read More


Pearl Cheng

I have grown mentally, personally and professionally through Virginia Teacher STARTALK 2017. In a very short amount of time, I built great relationships with every program participant teacher and leading teachers. We had positive group experiences breaking 10-day-online-instruction into parts... Read More


Lin Guo

It was the second time for me to attend the STARTALK teacher program in the University of Virginia. The program was exceptionally enjoyable and informative because it was an extremely rewarding experience that had allowed me to utilize new technology tools to teach online which I had never done... Read More


Lusi Hong

It is a great experience here to collaborate with all the excellent Chinese teachers nationwide. As I said, I like the challenge and I get the challenge I need to facilitate me better for my new job. I think it is a good transition so far to put me in a position that I know high school students... Read More


Brenda Hsu

Attending the 2017 Virginia Startalk Chinese Teacher Academy made this summer one of the most memorable summers of my life. During this five-week program, I learned the Startalk-endorsed prinicples for effective teaching and learning, methodology for teaching foreign languages, technology for... Read More


Xuemei Huang

For me, the 2017 UVa STARTALK program has been one of the best professional development practices in which I have participated in the last five years. Within the five-week program, 12 Chinese teachers were working closely together: planning lessons, giving each other support and advice, and... Read More


Nanxi Meng

I am so grateful to be selected as one of the 12 teaching fellows in the 2017 UVA STARTALK program and spent 5 weeks online and offline with professor Tseng, all the teachers, program facilitators, assistants and lovely students. This program has enhanced my understanding of teaching theories... Read More


Ai Shi

Virginia Startalk Chinese Teacher Academy is one of the best training and teaching programs I have ever attended for past years. I had my high expectations when I applied to this program to be a trainee and an instructor because I heard great things about this program from other Chinese teachers... Read More


Corrina Shih

This five weeks program is quite an experience for me in this summer and in my teaching career. I not only learned how to deliver an online course but also learned a lot of technology skills related to online teaching. In addition, this program has a great staff team, which makes the program run... Read More


Xiaorong Wang

I am so grateful to be one of the 12 teaching fellows in the 2017 UVa STARTALK program. This program not only has enhanced my understanding of teaching theories and techniques, but also provided me opportunities to learn about mindfulness and appreciative inquiry. I love how the spirit of... Read More


Evon Xu

Time flies, but memories last forever. I cannot believe this 5-week program comes to the end. We study hard, and learn a lot. I not only learned how to teach online lesson by using interactive technology tools like WizIq and Zoom, but good technology tools for teaching listening, speaking,... Read More


Yuan Yuan

I feel very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the UVA Startalk program. We usually started the morning with mindfulness sessions or yoga, which helped us to have a positive beginning for the day. We taught the kids online Mandarin lessons with our teaching partners. During... Read More