2023 Teachers


In this inspirational program, I learned effective practices to create a more “student-centered” class with authentic materials and communicative tasks. I learned techniques for selecting authentic materials and designing spiral-up tasks tailored to different proficiency levels.

Learning... Read More

Yude Huang

In the past few months, in spite of the busy schedules with school work and family life, I have been greatly benefited from attending the UVA Startalk Program in the summer that has provided me with ongoing reflection in my daily teaching. It has totally reshaped my philosophy of teaching from... Read More

Fanrong Kong

Reflecting on the Startalk program at the University of Virginia’s Chinese Teacher Academy has been an enriching experience. Under the guidance of Dr. Tseng, I had the privilege of delving into the intricacies of language teaching. Dr. Tseng’s expertise and support were invaluable as I learned... Read More

Jingyun Meyer

One paragraph can hardly express my gratitude and to cover what I learned from UVA Startalk program. Even though I might not be able to use everything I learned from the program about task-based learning, the core principle of task based learning is deeply embedded in my classroom. I tried to... Read More


This is my second time participating in the UVA STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy program. It is truly an amazing program for Chinese teachers in the United States. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program and to work and connect with the best Chinese teachers across the... Read More


Participating in UVA's STARTalk program has been a significant journey for me. During this journey, I not only delved deep into the Task-based teaching strategy and learned how to provide better support to my students, but I also had the incredible opportunity to connect with a group of like-... Read More


The biggest takeaway is that I have learned how to design a task-based lesson plan with a sequence of tasks. I also learned the strategy of creating suspense in classroom instruction instead of feeding the students by answering at the beginning, so students can be motivated to complete various... Read More


Participating in the UVA Startalk teacher program this summer was an enriching experience that significantly enhanced my teaching approach. The focus on task-based instruction was particularly enlightening, providing practical strategies to engage students actively in the learning process.... Read More

Wenli Xu

I am so fortunate to have gone through the Startalk program. Since the pre-program started almost a year ago and having completed both the main program and post program, I have learned alot about teaching chinese. The techniques I learned for online teaching are transeferable to the classroom. I... Read More


I am very grateful that the UVA StarTalk 2023 program provided me with this opportunity to learn new teaching and learning principles and practices, to work with my team in designing this fantastic AI unit, to pilot-test the unit design in real classes with my students, to receive valuable... Read More


Firstly, there has been a notable shift in my level of engagement with fellow teachers. I've become more proactive in sharing ideas and regularly discussing classroom experiences with my colleagues. This open dialogue has fostered not only a sense of camaraderie but also provided valuable... Read More


Through this Startalk project, I learned how to use task-based teaching in my classroom to effectively improve students' learning efficiency. At the same time, by cooperating with my fellow teachers, I feel more confident and efficient in preparing lesson plans. The most important thing about my... Read More