2019 Student Program Application

The Application Deadline is APRIL 22, 2019.


The completed application package includes the following SIX components. Note that the completion of the Application Form requires prior completion of the rest of the application package (Parts IV, V, and VI), detailed below.

Further questions should be directed to the program administrative assistant via email at (uva.startalk.students@gmail.com). 

PART I: Student personal information (Application Form)

Link to Application Form Here

(You can also access the Application form by copying and pasting the URL in your browser: https://goo.gl/forms/ko5oPfPUWLgvWWz22

PART II: Student commitment form.

PART III: Parent permission form.

PART IV: The most current official transcript via email (Fall 2018)

Please submit your most current transcript (Fall 2018) via Email (uva.startalk.students@gmail.com).

Make sure that you titled your email with the following template:lastname_firstname_18FallT,

AND also use the following template with the file name: lastname_firstname_18FallT.

PART V: Teacher’s recommendation via email

Please ask your most recent Chinese language teacher to write a couple of lines about you as a Chinese language learner and send an email message to (uva.startalk.students@gmail.com) by April 22, 2019.

The email can be written in either Chinese or English or both. It does not require a very formal lengthy letter. An email recommendation would suffice the purpose; neither a hard copy and nor a school letterhead is necessary.

Please ask your Chinese language teacher to use the following format for the email subject. If your teacher has any further questions, please ask him or her to send inquiries to  (uva.startalk.students@gmail.com).

Email subject: 2019 UVa STARTALK Recommendation_student’s English full name

PART VI: Submission of a self-introduction video in BOTH English and Mandarin Chinese (enter URL link to the Application Form)

Watching you from a self-created video is one of the best options for us to get to know you.  Please create a video that lasts 3-4 minutes to introduce yourself in both English and Mandarin Chinese. The video should include two parts of information as follows.

  • Part a: Your introduction in ENGLISH for about 1 minute. In Part I, please describe your motivations for participation in the online program and reasons why you think you are an ideal student candidate that we should recruit.
  • Part b: Your self-introduction in CHINESE for about 2-3 minutes. Please talk about your Chinese name, family, hobbies, school life such as courses and activities, and anything you want us to know more about you. 请介绍你的中文名字、家庭成员和情况、兴趣和爱好、学校生活(课程和活动),其他情况。Creating a video about yourself is not complicated at all. You can use your iphone, ipad, camera, or any tool that you feel most comfortable. There is no need to use any fancy editing skill to create any special effects for the video.  The content matters, but not technology itself. After recording the video, please upload the video to youtube (or other online space), change the YouTube video privacy settings to “unlisted” and provide the link while you are in the process of completing the online application.

The application deadline is APRIL 22, 2019. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the total number of participants is limited. Spots will fill quickly. We recommend that you submit your application as early as possible.