Pearl Cheng

I have grown mentally, personally and professionally through Virginia Teacher STARTALK 2017. In a very short amount of time, I built great relationships with every program participant teacher and leading teachers. We had positive group experiences breaking 10-day-online-instruction into parts and steps, refining logical details through discussion and explanation. Using more than 90% target language online teaching means that every piece of information shown on the screen, such as icons, authentic materials and questions, needs to serve as a clue and scaffold students to produce the language in a meaningful or communicative way. In the group lesson plan discussion, we challenged, critiqued each other and learned from each other. The online teaching program won’t be successful without everyone’s hard work. I’m very glad that my teaching partner, prep team and leading teachers are able to walk me through the whole process. Now, I’m able to teach student-centered, flipped class in 90% target language in an online school setting.