Lusi Hong

It is a great experience here to collaborate with all the excellent Chinese teachers nationwide. As I said, I like the challenge and I get the challenge I need to facilitate me better for my new job. I think it is a good transition so far to put me in a position that I know high school students more and I can practice what I learn to my real life. I am using Zoom and promoting Zoom to my friends, my co-worker, my students and my fiancé. I can still remember the days that we critique each other and I start to build awareness in my life how I speak and how my language can be more effective when delivering lesson. I like this experience a lot that I feel I conquered something I thought I may not be able to finish. I feel more confident and I will try my best to accomplish more in my career and I hope I can have a Startalk student program in my school in the near future. I hope we can continue the friendship that we invest each other in those days. I value my partner’s opinions about my teaching so much that I kept all the observation documents and read them a lot. Those 18 days will be a highlight of my 2017 and I could not skip it, even it is just 18 days in 365 days. I hope I will continue to be a better Chinese teacher and I hope I can have my own high school students who can achieve more in the future.