Ai Shi

Virginia Startalk Chinese Teacher Academy is one of the best training and teaching programs I have ever attended for past years. I had my high expectations when I applied to this program to be a trainee and an instructor because I heard great things about this program from other Chinese teachers. However, I will honestly say my experience gained from this program went beyond my expectations in many ways. Firstly, online training with Dr. Tseng and other 11 teachers from different states for the first week really helped to review and deepen my knowledge of Chinese teaching theory and skills. Secondly, online training with Ms. Henny Chen and my teaching partner Ms. Xuemei Huang for the second week opened my mind to so many effective online teaching tools and guidelines. Thirdly, 10 days of onsite lesson-planning and teaching gave me chances to be observed and improve with constructive suggestions. Last but not the least, meaningful time spent with all other teachers inspired me to be a better, happier and more positive Chinese teacher in the U.S..