Evon Xu

Time flies, but memories last forever. I cannot believe this 5-week program comes to the end. We study hard, and learn a lot. I not only learned how to teach online lesson by using interactive technology tools like WizIq and Zoom, but good technology tools for teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing. I also reviewed effective teaching strategies like implementing standard based curriculum, using target language, student-centered teaching, using age appropriate materials, using authentic materials, and conducting performance based assessment. In the meantime, I also reviewed growth mindset while learning mindfulness to find inner peace.

What is more, I had a unique collaboration experience – six teachers and one lead teacher work together to design, create, and revise a lesson plan together. We critique and support each other. We reflected together, and learned from each other. I feel lucky to work with them. This rigorous and structured program exactly meet my professional development goals. I will definitely implement what I learned from this program into my classroom teaching.  We have attentive and caring instructors, Tseng laoshi, Henny laoshi, Lin lao shi, and Li laoshi and program administrators Angela, Xinyu, JJ and Reagan. I wholeheartedly appreciate all of your efforts!