Shujun Xiang

The situations on the campus of 2018 Vua STARTALK  and at the hotel of Graduate Charlottesville have been full of memories as remembrance. The four episodes always flash back on my mind as the followings:

1. Vigorous and efficient teamwork  impressed me with expertise and mutual trust.

2. A life without friend is a life  without sun. The chatting and collaboration  between bosom friends  offered me pleasure with heart and mind.

3.  Visiting Monticello-the third president Thomas Jefferson’s primary plantation made my long-cherished dream come true. Three guided tours around this World Heritage allowed me to know Thomas  Jefferson’s autobiographic masterpiece, his outstanding and  intricate life. Since I have perused The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution recently, The spirits of America, Thomas Jefferson’s Memorial in Washington D.C, and my intrinsic aspiration interweaves resilience in my  heart. I am thrilled with my upcoming adventure.

 4. As an avid learner, I look forward to attending another professional workshop somewhere and sometime.

God bless me being a positive and bright bubbly lady!