Hongying Jia

I am very grateful to anticipate the UVA Star Talk Chinese program in 2018 summer. This is my first chance to join the Start Talk program. It is not only totally fulfill my goals but also exceeded what I expected. I not only improved the new teaching theory and teaching method but also it expanded my teaching concepts and Chinese teaching networks. I enjoyed this program a lot by the perfect process design. Professor Tseng and the other three master teachers first trained us through the teaching cases and technology skills. Then they guided us to prepare each day’s teaching plan, which helped us to practice the theory and skills directly in the following teaching. The team work and brain storms on each day really help me to create the effective teaching strategies. Besides the very professional training, the hotel and the food are perfect, too. The mindful session really helped me to relax and be more productive in my working. Through five weeks of online and on-stie training, I have not only greatly improved the Chinese teaching theoretical and teaching skills, but also made pioneering progress in the use of modern technology in teaching. In addition, I also got to know a lot of very experienced Chinese teachers who come from the different area of the US. I appreciate Professor Tseng for her professional and meticulous arrangement.