Shuaiyu Shen

I had learned so much for 2019 UVA STARTALK program. This is a rewarding and unique program. I didn’t have any High school teaching experience before I went for this 5 weeks training. But I feel very comfortable teaching high school students after this program. I learned not only from Cai laoshi, Linlaoshi and Dr. Tseng, but also other excellent teachers from all over the country. This program provided coaching and practicing, teachers gave instant feedback, students reflected own teaching each time. This helped me more aware of the areas need to be improved.

This program created a standards-based and thematically organized curriculum, and incorporated the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and NCSSFL- ACTFL Can-Do Statements into the curriculum and learning plans. This program also provided sufficient opportunities to apply new knowledge through teaching, it really impacts me in my teaching career.