Lily Kuo

I have been always wanted to learn more about blended and online teaching. My experience for online teaching is limited to Adobe Connect Meeting while teaching at John Hopkins Talented Youth Program or asynchronous teaching. UVa Startalk teacher training program not only broaden my perspectives for online teaching but also reshape my teaching. I am ready to use some of what I have learned in my future classes. It is a very unique teacher training program where the two weeks online training is well-structured. We have learned the pedagogy and technology via meeting every other day online. The onsite training provides good opportunity to collaborate with the best teachers around the States from K-12. Everyone is enthusiastic for teaching Chinese and has passion to pass on their passion to students. While learning fundamental theories and pedagogy, the teachers have opportunities to interact with high school students virtually. I think this is the most valuable things from this program. The rapport between students and teachers built online is not even a bit less than the classroom. The closing ceremony is a great finale. Overall, this program is far more than rewarding!