Yuqing Yao

The first week was tough for me since we had a lot of theory, reading, and reflection.  The second week was tougher for me since I had to let go of what I have done in the past years in the classroom, and be ready to adopt and accept new best practices in my teaching. I was lucky since I had Tseng Laoshi, two great teachers, two teammates, and other kind classmates. They answered my questions when I asked, they offered help before I requested. With everyone’s help, my third time teaching was the best out of three. In my third teaching class, I had more student-centered activities, used TL and task-based learning, comprehensible checks, I+1, 3 modes, the 5C’s, and other methods I learned in the program.

This program is a tough program but I have learned a lot. It is definitely a worth-while program.