Xia Li

This is definitely the most fulfilling program I have ever attended in my past experiences. Even though we had to work late into the night every day, but at the end when all was settled, I was glad and amazed at how much I had taken away from this program.

There were two paradigm shifts for me throughout this three week program. The first one was about the immersion. This program made me realize that immersion is truly the most effective way to learn a second language. It erased my doubts about the immersion method and also made me understand how the immersion method works in a high school setting.

The other paradigm shift is the separation of listening/speaking from reading/writing. I had always been bothered by the separation of the two and thought the four aspects should be equally considered and advanced at the same time. This program made me experience firsthand on how to focus on the listening and speaking aspects in the early stages of Chinese language learning.

I was also impressed by the way Dr. Zseng ran the program. She is supportive and caring, yet firm and positive. I am sure this experience will last in my memory forever.