Naichi Shih

Yes, you can teach Chinese in Chinese! Yes, you can turn the most traditional fill-in-the-blank exercises into the most fun and communicative tasks! And yes, you can learn all of this in three weeks! I brought doubts to the 2010 Virginia STARTALK Chinese Teacher Academy program and brought home the answer and confidence: everything is possible! The three-week program first lead us to examine our own teaching methods and styles, then instilled in us the 5C Standards, and finally pushed us into the pool of the teaching practicum to test our swimming skills. Through learning by doing, every one of us survived and made it safely to the other side, eventually enjoying the experience of being in the pool. If you still have doubts, you should come and experience it yourself. Dr. Tseng and the program facilitator will help you, the select group of participants will help you, and you will be surprised to see how much potential you have to transform yourself into a better teacher.