Chyichuan Chi

I love teaching. Teaching makes me energetic and lively. There is a proverb that says “Teaching and learning promote and enhance each other”, and actually, teaching and learning are two sides of one coin; so I also believe that students should feel energetic and enjoyable during the process. As a language teacher, I believe I have the responsibility to create a pleasant and productive learning atmosphere to help students develop their own positive and enjoyable ways of learning. I share my language learning and teaching history and experiences with my students to let know that I am not only their teacher, I amalso a language learner who has been through most of the situations that they are experiencing now.

I let my students understand I am the teacher to open the door of Chinese language; however, they have to enter themselves and find their own unique ways on learning the target language. I inspire them to understand the aspiration of learning is arising from their insides. A Chinese proverb says “No man is his craft master the first day. “Language learning is a lifetime process, so cultivating, maintaining, and developing students’ intrinsic motivation to learn is extremely important. From my own language learning and teaching experiences, I have realized that students’ eagerness to learn, the commitments, and the aspirations for knowledge about the target language are the most important elements. By sharing, I have built an amicability relation with students, and we help each other evolve.


This is a cast-off-my-old-self training and I really appreciated it. Flying all the way from California to Virginia attending this program, I told myself that it had to be worthwhile, and it did.

This training was intensive yet well-knit and gave me really deep impact on how a language teacher should be and what teaching methods should take to fulfill the objectives of teaching. I went to the training with expectations and came back with an abundant harvest. I know that I am not only a language teacher but also a language teacher with mission!!!Thank teacher Tseng and Zhao.