Tina Kao

After over twenty years working in IT career as software manager, and having worked as Chinese Heritage School teacher, Pinyin program director since 2003, and working in George Mason High School, Falls Church VA since 2006, I have decided to switch my career path from IT to educational arena in summer 2009.  

Being as Pinyin director in Washington School Chinese Language and Culture, known as WSCLC, in Rockville, Maryland, and the very first Chinese teacher in GMHS High School, Falls Church, VA, I have experiences in both the administrative and a educational aspects of a heritage language school and mainstream public school system.

It took me for almost eight years to make a career change because I finally realize that teaching and promoting Chinese language and culture is what I like to do for the rest of my career life. 

My goal is very clear that to continue the promoting language and culture and bring beauty of the culture and language from/to American to Mandarin-speaking world. 


I have never learned so much in a program ever. From day one, briefing, welcoming meeting, and materials for workshop, it was well organized and planed. From teaching general approaches,methods, curriculum and lesson design,strategies,proficiency and assessment I have clarified some questions in mind,adhered to 5C guideline and designed cumulative language input within the context during the time.

In addition I have learned that all of teachers participated in this program have the great talent and personality in which I see the future of Chinese program and promotion.

As a teacher, I appreciate all this efforts to make it a success and I firmly believed that I have made a right decision and would like to continue to pursue my dream in educational arena and help on promoting Chinese program and culture whenever I can.