Yu-Mei Li

I was a reporter for United Daily News for 20 years in Taiwan. My field was in Education and Culture.  I immigrated to the US in 2008 and decided to transfer my career to a Chinese teacher.

There are more than five thousand years of Chinese history. It has a profound historical and cultural impact on the world. It is worth it for people to learn and understand the Chinese language and culture.

I am teaching in a Chinese Heritage School.  When I attended the WMACS (Washington Metropolitan Association of Chinese Schools) teaching training from April to June 2009 and UVA Startalk 2009, I found that there were many dedicated and professional Chinese teachers. We all hope that the Chinese culture can develop in many different countries. 

Chinese teachers play a very important role to anyone who would like to understand the Chinese culture,.

I’m interested in Chinese culture. With more than five thousand years of history, it is worth digesting and enjoying.  Anyone who learns Chinese can make friends with 13 hundred million other people.

It’s is good for me to teach because I could share my experiences of my days as a reporter.

I have attended three teacher training programs: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language by Taiwan Normal University, Teaching Chinese Skill training in VA , and UVA Startalk by the University of Virginia. 


It’s a wonderful program! We learned so many academic theories and effective skills for teaching. It’s a challenge for me because I didn’t have enough teaching experiences before. Sometimes we stayed up late to design the lesson plans and created teaching materials. Although it was quite a challenging task, it’s worth it and we absolutely learned more from the process. Not only have I learned a lot from Dr. Tseng and Dr. Zhao, I have also benefited a great deal from all of the other fourteen teacher participants. I have more self-confidence in my teaching skills, and I believe that I can be a better teacher than before.