Chenfang Hao

I am doing the doctoral study in the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. I have spent four years studying in America. So far, I have completed all of the required courses and passed the Comprehensive Exam. Next, I need to do the dissertation.

I started teaching Chinese as Teaching Assistant in the fall semester of 2008 in the University of Richmond. After one year’s teaching, I became more and more interested in teaching Chinese. More important, I was influenced by the instructors of STARTALK program. They have rich experience in teaching. I benefit a lot from their instruction. My knowledge and skills are enhanced by participating in the program. Additionally, their passion for teaching deeply affects me. I even consider my career goal to be a Chinese teacher.

I also appreciate the opportunity to do the practicum during the program. It enabled me to combine theory and practice. I love my students who are friendly and diligent. I felt that all of my hard work and time paid off when one of my students came to me, saying “ you are a good teacher”. At that time, I understand what happiness is. 

I am still a novice teacher. However, I believe that I can become an excellent one in the future because of the knowledge and skills gained in STARTALK program. Moreover, promoting the Chinese culture is part of my life pursuit. I would like to know how to teach foreigners Chinese and let them learn about Chinese culture.

I strongly believe that cross-cultural understanding and communication is necessary for maintaining the world peace. I hope that my effort and other Chinese teachers’ work can help to facilitate mutual understanding between Chinese and Americans. I wish that I could sow the seed of peace in the minds of Children no matter who they are and wherever they are from.


I am so lucky to participate in STARTALK program. It guides me to a new world in which I learn about how to teach non-native speakers Chinese and how to engage them in meaningful and communicative activities. More importantly, the instructors of the program deeply influence me. I am affected by their passions for teaching, amazed by their rich experiences in teaching Chinese, and attracted by their charming personalities. Thanks to STARTALK program, I am equipped with knowledge and skills related to teaching Chinese. I believe that I can become an excellent teacher in the future.