Daphne Lee


I earned a Masters degree in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s degree majoring in English Literature and minoring in Advertising and Public Relations from Fu-Jen Catholic University. Currently, I am a full-time teacher teaching Chinese language and culture from Pre-K through 8th grades at Belmont Charter School in Philadelphia.

My teaching experiences include teaching English as a second lanauge and teaching Chinese as a foreigne language. I taught college-level Chinese, elementary and intermediate, at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.  Being well-trained in the Chinese Program at Penn and the solid TESOL background supported me tremendously to teach Chinese at Drexel University. Meanwhile, I worked at SEAMAAC as an ESL instructor in the Move Up Program. Often on welfare (TANF), my students were from diverse backgrounds, including immigrants from such countries as Cambodia, Vietnam, Moldova, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Eritria, and Togo. My professional development at SEAMAAC included a certificate by PA-PWDC Work CertifiedTM in the areas of Reading, Comprehension, Business Tools, Pre-employment, Customer Service, Business Writing, Job Skills, Business Math, and General Business Knowledge; a certified training on Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) and BEST (Basic English Skills Test) state assessments.

Inspired by the passion of languages, I love to do the contrast analysis of Chinese and English, which helps me especially in grammar instruction. I enjoy teaching both languages and I’ll continue persuing more professional development padagagically and pratically.


Are you a total immersion believer? Now, I AM. This wonderful StarTalk program made this mission possible and I have successfully achieved what I wanted within only 3 weeks. The credits went to these two great trainers Dr. Tseng and Dr. Zhao. Not only friendly learning environment was created but prompt feedback and constructive suggestions were provided. The curriculum, based on the communicative modes, was well designed from the theories through the practicum. Besides the great trainers, those talented scholars from different States definitely sparkled this program without question. I'd highly recommend this program for novice teachers as well as experienced teachers who want to seek a solid foundation of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and for those who want to know what their blind points are after years of teaching.