Xiaomei Mu

Ms. Mu is a recent graduate of University of Virginia (UVa). She holds a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics. During her graduate studies at UVa, she worked as a Teaching Assistant with Department of Chinese, at the time of which she fell in love with teaching Chinese and decided to make it her career plan. This coming fall, she will be an instructor of Chinese at the Middle School campus of Harvard Westlake School, Los Angeles. She hopes that her classes could not only promote knowledge of the Chinese language and culture but also encourage life-long learning beyond classroom settings.


It’s been over a week since I parted with all the teachers in the Startalk program. But every moment we had in Richmond still lingers over me….In fact, it was the most refreshing, revitalizing and re-educated three weeks I’ve ever had!
Tsenglaoshi and Zhaolaoshi, you are definitely the best instructors ever! Your lectures on SLA theories, total immersion, differentiating instructions and so on are in essence best practices themselves. While learning about the theories, we also learned how to make communicative classes happen by observing your classes. And I am so grateful for all your patience and suggestions during our rehearsals. But for your professional help, we wouldn’t have improved that much and fallen in love with teaching Chinese again!

Andrew, you are such a helpful and cheerful sunshine boy! I miss your American Taiwanese accent so!

And the other fourteen teachers from across the States, your charisma when standing on the stage during our mini-teaching classes made an everlasting impression on me! I also enjoyed our interactions and discussions during our rehearsals. In addition to our professional exchanges, I feel so lucky to have met such good friends this summer. Especially when I got sick during the final week, Chilaoshi came to my aid and provided me with medicine. Chenfang and Yue-mei took good care of me. Yuli, Weili and everybody else were all being very considerate. I just want to thank you for the great friendship! I am sure we’ll all get together soon!