Hong Li

My UVA Startalk 2021 journey is truly rewarding.  The following 1234 are the highlights of what I gained. 1) One center: student-centered instruction; 2) Two golden principles: flooded comprehensive input and pushed productive output; 3) Three skills: interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communications; 4) Four aspects of authenticity: authentic materials, authentic context, authentic tasks, and authentic process of negotiation of meaning.

I love the innovative and unique design with the summer and fall parts beautifully articulated.  Training in the summer is reinforced by applying the discussed principles and acquired strategies into the everyday teaching practice in the fall,  and incorporating the sample unit developed by my group into my existing curriculum.  This learning progress of intake, internalization, output and reflection is amazingly effective.  I am so grateful to be trained and guided by Professor Tseng and other mentors, and accompanied by such a passionate community on my life-long professional development journey.