Pei-Ying Gosselin

I sincerely thank Dr. Tseng and her team for this incredible professional development opportunity. This was my first time participating in a StarTalk program and I cannot overstate how much that I have learned from this opportunity. With this training, I am now able to find authentic materials, create authentic scenarios, and implement task-based lessons, as well as use technology tools to accelerate student learning. The summer program extended into the fall semester. I had the chance to apply what I learned inside my classroom and received valuable feedback from my instructors and peers. My teaching skills have improved tremendously with their continuous support. The most exciting part was watching my students’ rapid language growth and thrilled motivation over the past three months. I am very grateful for Dr. Tseng, Dr. Cai, Dr. Geng, and Dr. Gao’s inspiration and encouragement in helping me to become a better teacher, team-worker, and influential leader.