Shi Jiang

What a rewarding and inspirational experience! It has been my honor to participate in the UVa StarTalk program. After three weeks’ intensive training with the mentors (huge thanks to Dr. Tseng, Dr. Geng, Dr. Gao, and Ms. Cai) and working with the other 11 excellent teachers from all over the United States, I have learned effective pedagogy practices, which reshaped my approach to both online and in-person classes. The program provided various opportunities to apply the knowledge through peer teaching and peer critiques. Focusing on student-centered activities, using backward design and 100% target language in a communicative context, and using authentic materials will become the new staple of my Chinese classes. I highly recommend the UVa StarTalk program to everyone! If there is only ONE professional development opportunity for you to choose from, the UVa StarTalk program will be the No.1 on the list.