Ying Feng

Without a doubt,attending 2018 UVa Startalk Program has a giant effect on my view of language teaching. I think it is attributed to the fact the program not only sought to solidly bridge second language acquisition principles and
theories to real online classroom practice but also to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all participants who have diverse background. In UVa Startalk Program teaching staff such as Tseng Laoshi, Zhong Laoshi, Cai Laoshi and Gao Laoshi as well as all teacher participants were deeply committed to the 6-week online and onsite intensive training and we, as a team, constantly encourage and support each other which was one of the most unforgettable experience to me.

Online teaching challenges educators to be part of a mission of transforming students learning from traditional face-to-face way to online learning and more and more educators have realized the power of virtual learning and its influence on traditional educational method. I strongly believe that UVa Startalk Program equips its participants with effective online classroom engagement skills by connecting language learning with real world experience and immersing learners in the target language environment by encouraging teachers to use age-appropriate and level-appropriate authentic martials and 100% target language in an online classroom. The principles of student-center and back-ward design are embodied in the procedure of each lesson design as well as the online classroom activities. Attending 2018 UVa Startalk Program is one of the most precious experience in my life and Ihave met so many professional teachers in the program. Thank you all for having such a wonderful program and being such a great team!