Zhifang Cao

Born and raised in China, I am passionate and positive in mandarin Chinese teaching in English environment with my Chinese cultural background and English professional education.

I had been an English teacher in Wuhan University of Technology in China for 9 years, when I pursued and earned my master degree from Huazhong Normal University. And I have been teaching Chinese for 3 years with extensive experiences, teaching full‐time in Language Stars and Intercultural Montessori Language School,part‐time in Xilin North Shore Chinese School, university and other private schools in the great Chicago land. This is my first year to be teaching Chinese to students from Grade 8‐12 in the public school of Chicago.

I would love to have Chinese education as my professional career and provide my students with standard‐based and well‐structured education.


This three‐week residential program provides Chinese teachers with intensive courses on curriculum and instruction. As an English teacher for 9 years and a Chinese teacher for 3 years, I have gone through a process of transforming from the traditional teaching theories and methods to the innovative, functional and meaningful teaching approaches and practice gradually. Startalk UVA 2009 is a powerful and reassuring propelling force in my teaching style transformation. I am
going to witness a brand‐new myself with communicative method in the classroom. I believe this will be deeply‐rooted in my teaching in the future and benefit my students!