Lingou Zoe Jiang

I came into the program with many question marks. How effective will this program be? What kind of people will I work with? Why do people say Dr. Tseng is a TCSL/TSFL idol? On my flight back home after the program, I was filled with explanation marks which showed joy, satisfaction, and gratitude.

This program is outstanding not only for its great instructor, but also for the advantage of pooling everyone’s knowledge and experience in a shared intelligence space. Sharing is the biggest highlight. I have gained a lot from this program. What I appreciated the most was the process of the teaching rehearsal; other teachers’ observations and feedback, and recording my own teaching demonstration helped me understand my blind spots. This was also the most effective way to sharpen my teaching skills. There are so many good things from this program that have inspired me. I love the consolidation and enhancement sessions which were short but full of useful information. What impressed me the most about this program was its people! Dr. Tseng showed her expertise as well as her affability. Daphne, I-Rong, and Jennifer were always willing to help us in the most effective and sweetest ways. My classmates (the other participant teachers) were amazing. It’s the first time that I enjoyed working late at night, and it’s because of them!

In short, this is the best program I have ever attended. I would recommend it to every Chinese teacher. I hope the network will last and I would like to hear more from everyone.